Betting Procedures

  We approve only  bets made online through our website, including mobile device. Bets cannot be accepted in any other form (email, post, fax, etc...) or through any other media not approved by the company.

We do not approve bets on credit: the acceptance of a bet is subject to sufficient funds on your account. If the stake is only partially covered by the balance, the bet will be valid but the stake will be reduced to the actual funds held and so will  the relative winnings.

The company reserves the right to accept or reject (totally or partially) the bets at his own discretion. Once a bet is submitted and accepted, the amount is deducted from your funds. In case of bets rejected, the corresponding amount will be credited in the account. In case of bets partially accepted, the exceeding amount will be credited and you will receive a proposal for the remaining amount. It is your responsibility to confirm our proposal.

Bets are valid within the meaning of these terms and conditions and we are not liable if you do not fully understand any of the terms involved. It is your responsibility:

    To ensure the instructions have been received correctly by us;

    To check your Bet List if you are not sure a bet has been confirmed;

    To ensure the bet details selected by you are correct;

    To check our Sport Rules and Betting Options before placing a bet;

    To Contact us if you do not fully understand or you have any doubt.

We reserve the right to limit the maximum potential pay out for each bet or combination. If the winning exceed the limit, we will warn you with a message and a proposal in order to apply the maximum limit. You can accept the proposed bet prior the confirmation and if confirmed you will be deemed to have accepted the winnings limit.

The company reserves the right to terminate an event in case of suspicion of match fixing (events where the outcome is partially or totally pre-determined). Betting on match fixing will be considered invalid and in case of multiple bets every single event will be considered void with an odd equal to 1. If the bet is placed with the clear intention to defraud the Company, we reserve the right to suspend the account and report it to the authorities.

The dates and times displayed through any communication media by us have only an indicative value and are subject to time and date changes. Only the effective starting date and time of the event are valid. In case a bet is placed after the effective start of an event, it will be considered void, and in case of multiple bets, settlement will be made with respect to the valid selection.

The result for the settlement of the bets is always the one obtained on the field. Subsequent decisions by any competent authorities won't be taken in consideration.

Bets where the result of one section has an influence on the result of another (e.g. Real Madrid-Sevilla final result 1 combined with Real Madrid Sevilla partial/final result 1/1 etc.) are not permitted. If a bet of this type is erroneously accepted, the bets influenced by it will be considered at an odd of 1 (void).

All the bets settlements are processed at the end of the event within the next 5 hours or only if the official results is acquired. In case of ante post selections, the bets will be settled after the end of the competition/round/phase, to which they are related. In case of bets on live betting events, settlement could start while the match is still in progress. For any other Special or Specific bets, The Company will reserve the right to settle the bets at its own discretion, and timing.

In case of a betting event that is postponed or interrupted such event will be considered valid, if it is completed by the end of the following day, local time. If the betting even did not take place within the relevant frame or at the listed venue, or if a competitor, team or participant does not take part in the betting event, the bet is considered void. A betting event that is interrupted for any reason (even in the last minute), and not continued and finished within the relevant time frame, is considered void. If a soccer match, or any other betting event for which extra time is not valid for the outcome of the bet, is interrupted during extra time the bets relating to regular time will stand. When a betting event is void, the sign in the list of results will be V-V with odds equal to 1. This rule is subject to any more particular rules relating to specific sporting events set forth in the Sport Rules.

In case of equal position/result of two or more competitors, the applied odds will be the odds of acceptance divided by the number of competitors that share the same result. If, for example, two competitors with the odds of 2.80 and 1.90 share the same result (both are declared winners) the payout odds will be: 1.4 (2.80:2) and 0.95 (1.90:2).

In case of Ante post selections, and more in generals in all sport and non-sport events where the winner needs to be chosen between a list of participants, in case one or more members are not able to take part to the event for any reason, and at least one of them has odds for winning the event equal or under 5, we reserve the right to declare all bets regarding the winner (and linked markets) void??

In case of irregularities impacting upon the outcome of a betting event (e.g. team playing with youth squad because of strike/protest/illness etc. we reserve the right to declare the whole betting event void even after its termination.

Notwithstanding what stated in these terms & conditions, we reserve the right to cancel any of the accepted bets before the start of the first betting event for any other reason. In such cases a communication informing the client of the cancellation of the bet will be sent to the client's registered email address or a private message will be sent to the user's betting account. In any of these events, the decision of the bookmaker is final.

All odds are subject to fluctuation; the valid odds for the calculation of the winnings are those registered in the data processing of our system while placing the bet. It is the client's responsibility to verify the effective odds via the channels made available on the website.

The company reserves the right to cancel the odds in case of evident mistakes. In case of multiple bets the wrong odds will be void and the other valid selection will be settled normally.

When there is a clear wrong fixture (player name or player team), the settlement for all the bets will be void, and in case of multiple bets the other valid selection will be settled normally.

We reserve the right to suspend any market/s and/or event/s until further notice or permanently at our sole discretion.

In case multiple bets on selections where the outcome of one can be considered to impact or to depend on the outcome of the other are accepted in error (i.e. a team to win a competition and to win a single match inside that competition), such selections will be deemed void, and the bet will be settled upon the remaining selections (if any available)


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