Terms & Conditions


1.       By opening an account, visiting and using any services offered with RABABET, you agree to the present Terms and Conditions, which includes the following:

2.       That Rababet website is operated by the company, with company and license details present in the footer of the website.

3.       These Terms and Conditions are subject to company registration law and are effective from the release date of the website.

4.       The company reserves the right to amend and supplement the "Terms and Conditions". The publication of regulation updated with the latest changes on the Site constitutes notice of such change.

5.       The contents and terms of conditions on this website will be used as reference in case of any discrepancies or dispute between a customer and Rababet.

6.       The company reserves the right to restrict access or registration to residents of some Countries. However, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the use of this service is authorized by the governmental law of his country or country of residence.



Bet Settlement Policy

1.       If you're wondering what happens to your winnings after your bet's just come in, don't worry, we make sure you get them as soon as the bet is settled.

2.       All your winnings are instantly added to your RabaBet balance, and then they're yours to do what you like with!


How long will my bet take to be settled?

We will strive to get your bet settled immediately after the event has finished, but please bear with us at busy times and allow up to 30 minutes for your winnings to be in your account.


Terms of Settlement?

1.       Subject to the other provisions of our RabaBet Rules, bets are settled according to the displayed odds/prices at the time the bet receipt is issued, subject to best odds guaranteed promotions.

2.       Bets are settled to Win unless "Each Way" is requested.

3.       For Ante Post events on which Each Way bets are accepted, settlement will be based on the odds and place terms applicable when the bet is taken.

4.       In the case of daily events, such as horse racing, the Each Way terms will be determined by the number of runners that have taken part.

5.       For the purpose of calculation, Each Way Doubles, Trebles etc., are settled as two distinct bets i.e. win on to win and place on to place.

6.       In a DEAD HEAT the stake money on a selection is divided by the number of runners involved in the dead heat. The full odds are then paid to the divided stake, with the remainder of the stake money being lost.

7.       Where a selection is made void or does not run, then in Single bets the stake will be returned. In accumulative bets the stake will run on to the remaining selection(s) with a Double becoming a Single, a Treble becoming a Double and so on.

8.       If any bet is understaked it will be settled in proportion to the stakes paid.

9.       Where the conditions of an event have been significantly altered (e.g. change of venue) we reserve the right to void all bets.

10.    We cannot allow for mistakes or accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in respect of the announcing, publishing or marking of prices, runners, live scores or results despite our every effort to ensure total accuracy. We reserve the right to correct obvious errors and settle bets at the correct odds on occasions where we notice system errors in publishing our odds.

11. For cut (1) 5% If you place a bet with 15 events and above and a total minimum odds of 16 and only one game was lost, Rababet will return to you 5% of your potential winnings up to a maximum of Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000.00)

     Note: 1. Cut (1) only applies to stakes less than Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000.00)

              2. Ticket must not contain any  voided or postponed event.

              3. The difference between the highest odd and lowest odd should not exceed ten (10)

              4. It must not contain any odd used for promotion.

12.  The odds of the venues may present variations during the venues. The applying odds will be those indicated on the slip upon the acceptance of the bet.

13.  In case of a visible mistake in the published odds, the company has the right to correct the faulty odds, and to simultaneously cancel the slips containing this particular game, even if the result of the game has already been shaped. In case of a single result, the wager is returned to the player. In case of multiple bets, the game will be given 'one' (1).

14. The minimum bet is N100.00, or equivalent in any other currency.

15. If a game is interrupted, before the 80th minute, or postponed and not finished in a period of 24hours, the bet will be considered void and the odds will be equal to 'one' (1) for all betting options. The bets that have been completed before the interruption of the game will be considered active.

16. The dates, home teams and times displayed for every match are for reference only. The actual game date, time and court for match is determined from the official game regulator. In case of date misplacement of a match (rababet.com), then all bets which were accepted before the official match start will be considered valid, while all bets which were placed after the official match start or with wrong home team, will be considered void and the odd shall be equal to 1.00.

17. Any bet that has not been confirmed before the first game will b e considered void. A bet will be considered won if it appears on the betting list of the user's account.

18. rababet.com is in no case responsible for problems related to problematic PCs, telecommunication lines or internet connections, nor for play methods implemented by clients who are not approved by our company.

19.In spite of the fact that all the necessary measures are taken, in order to protect the software against viruses, we cannot and will not guarantee you that your pc will not be affected, with such thing resulting to the interruption of our service. The services will be rendered again, within the reasonable time period required for the restoration f any damage you may suffer, after the interruption of our service.

20.By accessing the internet site addresses of rababet.com you accept the terms and requirements, please, do not access our internet address.


Duplicate Events

1.       If a duplicate event is displayed on our site or app, we reserve the right to withhold immediate settlement of, and remove Cash Out availability from, any bets containing 2 or more selections that you would not normally be able to combine.

2.       If this does occur and you combine 2 or more versions of the same outcome (eg Brazil to beat Argentina at 6/4 doubled with Brazil to beat Argentina at 7/4) then we will disregard the shortest price version and treat it as void. In the above example your bet would be settled as a winning single at 7/4.

3.       If the bet is on 2 or more selections that are not the same but would otherwise not be able to be combined then we reserve the right to treat as void all such duplicated selections in settling bets. Eg Brazil to win from one version, and Argentina or Draw double chance from the other would see both legs being disregarded and treated as void at settlement.

4.       In the event bets are already settled by our systems before we can apply the reduced settlement, we reserve the right to apply the reduced settlement retrospectively. 


Incorrect Settlement?

If you think you've noticed an error in how your bet's been settled, we ask you to do two things before contacting us.

1.       Double-check that the bet's been settled incorrectly by looking in your account history and using the 'Betting Calculator' to confirm correct returns. At this point we ask you to consider factors which may affect the amount you receive, for example, the possibility of dead heats or the application of a Rule 4 (if a Horse Racing bet).

2.       Check to see if we've manually credited the winnings to your account via a 'manual adjustment'. In a small number of cases, markets are inadvertently settled incorrectly and we're unable to resettle at the correct terms. When this happens we manually adjust accounts for the missing winnings and this will be detailed in your 'Last 10 account transactions...' table in the 'My Account' section.

If you still feel the bet's been settled incorrectly, please contact our Customer Care team who will look into it for you.



Rigged Events?

1.       Where there is evidence of Price, Race, Match or Event rigging, we reserve the right to make bets void or withhold payment of winnings pending the outcome of any subsequent investigation.

2.       We reserve the right to void a bet where we have reason to believe that a bet is placed after the outcome of an event is known, or after the selected participant or team has gained a material advantage.



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